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Australian Books

The Bushrangers

by Harry Nunn $19.00 postage included large paperback

Best Australian Short Stories

by D. Stewart & B. Davis  $19.00 postage included large hardback

Young Digger 

by Anthony Hill $10.50 postage included small paperback

Down the River

by H.E.Bates $19.00 postage included large hardback

They trusted men

by Tom Prior   $12.95 postage included small paperback

Railways and pastures

by Mary Healy $15.95 postage included small hardback

The Best of Banjo Paterson

by Walter Stone $32.50 postage included                  large hardback



Against all odds

by Janine Shepherd $24.70 postage included large paperback


by Jack Welch   $19.90 postage included large paperback

The Cataraqui

by Andrew Lemon & Marjorie Morgan   $24.95 postage included large paperback

Walk with me

by Kevin Hitchcock $21.95 postage included large paperback

little Star by Ajvide Linqvist

$22.50  postage included large paperback

The Life of Abraham Lincoln With Malice toward none

by Stephen B. Oates $29.95 postage included large thick hardback

Gorillas in the Mist

by  Dian Fossey $18.40 postage included large paperback


by Katie Piper

$15.50 postage included paperback large


Crime Novels

In a Dark House

by Deborah Crombie              $17.40 postage included Large paperback

Goodbye California

by Alistair Maclean's         $18.00 postage included large paperback

The Alienist

by Caleb Carr      $17.00 postage included small paperback

The Angel of Darkness       

by Caleb Carr      $17.00 postage included small paperback

Incas the Light of Macho Picchu 

large  paperback       

by A. B. Daniel $25.00 postage included

Mother of pearl

small paperback 

by Melinda Haynes $11.95 postage included

Final Jeopardy

large paperback

by Linda Fairstein  $19.95 postage included

'Blood Runs Cold'

large paperback

by Alex Barclay   $11.20 postage included


The Last coyote

by Michael Connelly $11.20 postage included small paperback

Chasing The Dime

by Michael Connelly $11.20 postage included small paperback

Void moon

by Michael Connelly $11.20 postage included small paperback

Lost light

by Michael Connelly $11.20 postage included small paperback

Blood Work

by Michael Connelly $11.20 postage included small paperback

The Concrete Blonde

by Michael Connelly $11.20 postage included small paperback

Trunk Music

by Michael Connelly $11.20 postage included small paperback

The Lincoln Lawyer

by Michael Connelly $11.20 postage included small paperback


The Black Box

by Michael Connelly $15.20postage included

The Fifth Witness

by Michael Connelly $15.20postage included


The Unquiet

by John Connolly           $15.20 postage included


Religious Books

The Mystery and Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls

by Hershall Shanks $20.00 postage included large paperback


by Carolyn Jessop

$13.95 postage included

small paperback

The Secret Supper

by Javier Sierra 

$13.95 postage included

large paperback

The Bible Code

by Michael Drosnin $13.95 postage included

large paperback



Mistress of Polrudden

by E.V.Thompson   $15.95 postage included large paperback

Lady of Hay

by Barbara Erskine

$14.20 postage included thick

small paperback

The Sweet Far Thing

by Libba Bray  

$15.95 postage included large thick paperback

White Gardenia

by Belinda Alexandra  $15.00 postage included  thick paperback

The Little House

by Phillippa Gregory $19.00 postage included thick small paperback

The Ghosts of Sleath

by James Herbert $19.95 postage included small paperback


Romance Books

Whisper His Name

by Elizabeth Thornton $9.40postage included

The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton

by Miranda Neville    $9.40 postage included


by Penelope Neri $9.40 postage included

 A Night to Surrender

by Tessa Dare              $11.20 postage included

My Beloved

by Karen Ranney    $11.20postage included

Shadow of the Condor

by Jeanne Nickson $9.40postage included

Wicked in Your Arms

by Sophie Jordan $11.20postage included

How the Marquess was Won

by Julie Anne Long $11.20 postage included


Fantasy 8book set

$45.00 postage included small paperbacks



Campbell's Kingdom and The White South

by Hammond Innes  $11.95 postage included small thick paperback

The Whole Truth

by David Baldacci      

$11.95 postage included

small paperback

Heart of the Country

by Greg Matthews     $11.95 postage included

small paperback

Ramage and the Drumbeat

by Dudley Pope $11.95 postage included

small paperback

Captain of Rome

by John Stack 

$20.00 postage included

large paperback


by James Steel            $19.95 postage included paperback

Classic Sea Stories

by Barry Unsworth $22.00 postage included

large hardback

Jackal's Dance

by Beverly Harper   $11.95 postage included

small paperback

Novels by Maeve Binchy

Light a Penny Candle 

by Maeve Binchy      $11.20 postage included small paperback


by Maeve Binchy        $11.20 postage included

small paperback

Scarlet Feather

by Maeve Binchy     $11.20 postage included

small paperback

The Glass lake

by Maeve Binchy  $11.20 postage included

small paperback

The Copper Beech

by Maeve Binchy $11.20 postage included

small paperback

5 Book set

by Maeve Binchy      $36.70 postage included 

small paperbacks



The Illmoor Chronicles 

The Ratastrophe Catastrophe By David Lee Stone                    $12.95 postage included small paperback

Pips-Potch's ABC day

$5.80 postage included

small hardback

Little Bear’s Trousers

by Jane Hissey   

$5.80 postage included  large paperback


by David Norman 

$19.95 postage included

large paperback


by Christopher Paolini

$19.80 postage included     thick

small paperback

Half Moon Investigations

by Eoiti Colfer     

  $12.00 postage

included small paperback

Times Tables

by Wendy Clemson & David Clemson   $5.80 postage included long hardback


Science Fiction

Ships of Merior

by Janny Wurts  $13.20postage included

Chronicles of the Kencyrath

by P.C.Hodgell  $17.20 postage included

Guardian of Honor

by Robin D. Owens  $10.20 postage included

Glory Season

by David Brin     $10.20 postage included

The Moat around Murcheson’s eye

by Larry Niven             $11.20 postage included

The Price of Wisdom

by Shannah Jay           $11.20 postage included


Tudor Novels

The Virgin's Lover

by Philippa Gregory   $19.95postage included

The White Queen

by Philippa Gregory   $21.00postage included

Sacred Hearts

by Sarah Dunant        $13.20 postage included


War and Historical Themes


by C.J.Sansom     $23.95 postage included very thick large hardback


"Tom Clancy's"

4 Tom Clancy books 1 large and 3 small paperback books $36.50 postage included                   




Embroidery & Cross Stitch - 16 Original Designs to Stitch

$9.95postage included

250 years of DMC threads, Wool Embroidered Blanket, Smocked Sundress

Embroidery & Cross Stitch - 12 Original Projects - Pattern Sheet

$9.95  postage included

Beading, Romantic Ribbon Embroidery, Stumpwork

Embroidery & Cross Stitch

$9.95postage included

Beautiful Ribbon work, Gold work, Wonderful Wool Embroidery

Embroidery by Machine

$9.95postage included

Make an angelic Christening Gown, Pretty Pansies, Create a quilt and ramble 

Embroidery & Cross Stitch - 10 Magnificent Projects

$9.95postage included

Glorious punch needle embroidery

Embroidery & Cross Stitch

$9.95postage included

Embroidered Bear Pattern, Christening Gown, Wool Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Stump work